Who's Kaiku?

We are lovers of life. We don't conform to tradition, we always ask "why?"... Life's opportunities are too grand to be missed by the mundane tasks of living. We simplify what's necessary and focus on what really matters.

That's why we created the Kaiku Visa® Prepaid Card, a convenient, low-cost, and hassle-free way to manage your money. Whether you're paid by check, cash, or electronically (like PayPal), we make it easy to load your funds, use your funds, and track your funds - all without charging you exorbitant fees.

We exist to lift our customers above the ordinary, helping them get as much out of life as we do.

...we've won some awards...

Paybefore Awards 2015 Winner: Head of the Class
Paybefore Awards 2014 Winner: Top of Wallet
Paybefore Awards 2013 Winner: Outstanding Newcomer

...got some great recognition...

...and made some announcements...

Kaiku Adds New Budgeting Features to Mobile App September 2015
Kaiku Announces Visa Clear Prepaid Designation July 2015
Kaiku Launches New Mobile Apps April 2015
Kaiku Card Named "Head of Class" Winner in 2015 Paybefore Awards February 2015
Kaiku Launches Rebrand Geared to Empower Millennials January 2015
Kaiku Card Named "Top of Wallet" Winner in 2014 Paybefore Awards February 2014
Kaiku Launches New Card, Adds Check Loading through Ingo Money September 2013
Kaiku Partners with New Issuing Bank, The Bancorp Bank August 2013
Kaiku Card Named "Outstanding Newcomer" March 2013
Kaiku Launches Kaiku Visa Prepaid Card July 2012

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