ATM Locator


General Fees
  • $0.00Service Fee - KAIKU Visa Prepaid Card
  • $3.95Service Fee - KAIKU Angry Birds Visa Prepaid Card
  • $0.00Card Activation Fee
  • $1.95Monthly Maintenance Fee
ATM Fees
  • $0.00ATM Transaction or ATM Balance Inquiry Fee (In-Network)
  • $1.45ATM Transaction Fee - Domestic (Out-of-Network)
  • $2.45ATM Transaction Fee - International (Out-of-Network)
  • $0.95ATM Balance Inquiry Fee (Out-of-Network)
  • $0.95ATM Decline Fee (In-Network and Out-of-Network)
  • $1.45ATM Decline Fee - International (In-Network and Out-of-Network)
Transaction Fees
  • Varies $2.95 - $4.95Cash Value Load (Retail Location)
    (Third party fee charged at the time of the value load)
  • 1.5% of
    Currency Conversion Fee
    (Fee is charged for each and every transaction attempted
    in a currency other than United States Dollars)
  • $4.95Over the Counter Withdrawal - Domestic
    (Fee is charged each time money is withdrawn inside a bank from a teller)
  • $0.95DDA Transaction Fee
    (Fee is charged each time a money transfer is initiated
    from a KAIKU Card to a US bank account)
Bill Payment Fees
  • $0.00Bill Payment Fee
  • $25.00Bill Payment - Stop Payment Fee
  • $25.00Bill Payment - Returned Item Fee
Additional Fees
  • $3.95Card Replacement Lost Stolen Fee
  • $2.00Secondary Card Fee
  • $15.00CSR Express Delivery Fee
    (Fee is charged anytime a cardholder requests the
    expedited card delivery option)
  • $2.95Paper Copy of Statement Fee
  • $12.50Refund Check Debit Cardholder
    (Fee is charged if a check is issued for funds on your
    Card Account and your Card Account is closed)